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Everything You Need to Know About Dance Shoes

Dancing shoes have to be unique and different because they are made for dancing. They should support your feet, be comfortable and help you glide effortlessly across the dance floor like Burju mens dance shoes. The sole should be flexible, thin, and suede for ball room dancing. There are three kinds of ball room dance shoes: practice shoes, standard shoes, and Latin shoes. They should all be flexible and protect your feet for peak performance. A good pair of insoles will help your dancing feet go a long, long way. Avoid the gel ones, as they are too squishy, and you won’t be able to get good contact with the dance floor. The best insoles are the ones they sell for running shoes.

Why Do I Need Dance Shoes?

Dance shoes are designed for dancing just as a sports car is designed for driving. Your dancing feet need a shoe with flexibility, support, and a heel with the proper height and fit. For men’s dance shoes there is a heel and you must learn to shift most of your weight to the ball of your foot. Latin and Rhythm style dancing requires this shift. Smooth and Standard ballroom dance shoes require your weight on the heels for the strides you take. For men, the heel is smaller for these dance shoes. The flexible suede soles are designed for you to ground yourself with the dance floor and bring power to your dancing.

Proper Size and Fit

Dance shoes when … Read more

The Guide on Winter Fashions


Some love it and some hate it. But the days of warm sun and long days are coming to an end. As the seasons change so is our wardrobe. We are just a matter of weeks from approaching the season that is all about giving thanks, giving back, spending time with family and friends and hearing Christmas songs in every department store. As the temperature drops and leaves fall and as we move into winter, you will need the perfect outfits for all of your holiday events.

We get it. You have your go to winter fashions. That may be an ugly Christmas sweater, the traditional trench coat, a cute pair of gloves and your classic black boot. But how about this year you spice it up. While you’re enjoying Thanksgiving dinner and doing your Black Friday shopping, you’ll be the talk of the table and town when you incorporate a new few trends into your style.

Instead of a regular black trench coat, this winter is animal printed coats. From trench coats to bombers to raincoats, animal print has made its way into winter outwear. If you are daring enough, wearing an animal printed dress with an animal printed coat will be the perfect pair. Designers are changing it up this season with how they are creating looks for female. Many types the female silhouette is shown off. But not this season. Designers created attire for models during Paris Fashion show that were modestly dressed. Layering … Read more

Take A Peek into Milan Fashion Week


Milan Fashion Week began with a bang. The theme for the week long fashion extravaganza was all about displaying Italian fashion for the past three decades. The weeklong event detailed the country’s formative years of creating ready to wear fashions that has stamped the country into fashion history forever. Beginning the celebration was a luncheon that channeled the country’s nostalgia for its fashion history and contribution. Although the luncheon gave ode to the former years and collections of Italy’s fashion, it also debuts the significant influence on new Italian labels merging. Both established labels and newcomers lunched and met and spoke over the next phase of Italian fashion.

Milan Fashion Week is a part of the big four fashion weeks (Paris, London, Milan and New York City). The Milan Fashion Week was first launched in 1958. It garnered a reputation for being the fashion show they gave Italian designers their first big break into the world of high end fashion. It is a platform to where Italian fashion houses, trends and newbies become legends in the world of fashion. This fashion week occurs biannually once in the summer and once in the winter. The summer show showcases upcoming summer fashions and the winter shoe showcases the autumn and winter trends.

This year’s shows gave audiences something new. Fashion lovers, editors, stylists and celebrities stood by as models displayed a new look on the fashions that would follow in the months ahead. Bold feminism looks were created by giving models … Read more

Custom Creations for Your Closet


It happened once again. There was yet another graphic tee I really wanted, but they did not have it in my size. I could have gone to one of those fancy websites that allows their customers to create their own things, but they were always too expensive. $25 or more, plus shipping was too much, especially in comparison to the $5 Rick and Morty graphic tees on the rack at Walmart. I didn’t want to sift through the internet for hours to find something similar and more affordable. Plus, I always thought that using the internet was made to order multiple custom t-shirts in bulk. However, I was also tired of never finding the right size in the store. That’s why I decided to start creating my own custom shirts. It’s extremely simple, quick, and anybody with a plain shirt can do it.

You will only need an iron, an ironing board, some parchment paper, plastic wrap, scissors, and a picture of your preference printed out. Cut off any unnecessary paper around your picture and place it on top of the plastic wrap towards the top. (If your picture is in the shape of a circle, then cut any extra paper so that it is just a circle.) Fold the plastic wrap over your picture. Make sure you cut enough plastic wrap to match the size of your picture. Cut any excess plastic wrap to match the size of the picture. (It should be similar to that of … Read more

5 Banks With Heavy Discounts On Tata Cliq

Tata Cliq is a successful e-commerce venture that is owned and operated by the Tata group of company. They are known for their sky-scraping sales, special promotions and he impressive tata cliq bank offers. Store shopping is diminishing day by day and people are massively involved into online shopping. There is nothing that is not available or accessible online in the current century. Starting from cosmetics to electronics almost products of all genres are easily available on online sites. But what can be even better is to shop from brands that provide consistent discounts. Discounts are the best things that can ever happen to you when you are twenty-first century online shopper.

Speaking of which, the Tata Clique leverages its valuable customers with extremely impressive tata cliq bank offers that can meet the demands and crucial shopping satisfaction of nearly everyone. Bank offers and EMI are a popular sensation in today’s time but often you do not find them applicable on a wide range of product. You might ear the buzz about the same but hardly get any of it applicable on the item you like.

But the story of Tata Cliq is somewhat different. You can find a wide range of products belonging to dynamic categories coming from the best brands of the world. The Tata Cliq’s official website is the key to everything. It is a brand new platform explored by almost anyone and everyone especially shopping enthusiasts. Tata Cliq works with many reputed banks to provide … Read more