The Guide on Winter Fashions


Some love it and some hate it. But the days of warm sun and long days are coming to an end. As the seasons change so is our wardrobe. We are just a matter of weeks from approaching the season that is all about giving thanks, giving back, spending time with family and friends and hearing Christmas songs in every department store. As the temperature drops and leaves fall and as we move into winter, you will need the perfect outfits for all of your holiday events.

We get it. You have your go to winter fashions. That may be an ugly Christmas sweater, the traditional trench coat, a cute pair of gloves and your classic black boot. But how about this year you spice it up. While you’re enjoying Thanksgiving dinner and doing your Black Friday shopping, you’ll be the talk of the table and town when you incorporate a new few trends into your style.

Instead of a regular black trench coat, this winter is animal printed coats. From trench coats to bombers to raincoats, animal print has made its way into winter outwear. If you are daring enough, wearing an animal printed dress with an animal printed coat will be the perfect pair. Designers are changing it up this season with how they are creating looks for female. Many types the female silhouette is shown off. But not this season. Designers created attire for models during Paris Fashion show that were modestly dressed. Layering is a trend and will be warm for the cold months ahead. Designers are layering models so much to the point that even evening dresses are being paired with heavy large coats. It wouldn’t be the holidays without some shine. Gloss was major on the runways. Shimmery pantsuits to embellished hair accessories to metallic coats to even more shiny handbags are going to infuse our closets with shine for the months to come.

The catwalks screamed of leather in the form of short to ankle length dresses. Be covered and warm this winter with capes. Capes were everywhere during Paris Fashion Week. These capes have a superhero element to them as they flow behind you. They come made of warm wools and comfortable cotton. Capes designers are making this year are long enough to touch the ground. And since silver was big on the runways wearing a silver cape makes the perfect holiday piece to tie together your Christmas Eve party look. Tweed is a classic fabric. Tweed jackets, tweed suits and tweed pants were certainly in the designer’s collections in Paris. A tweed outfit would look nice while you are enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with the family. In terms of color, designers kept it pretty traditional. Warmer colors with deep undertones covered the runways. Chocolates, burgundies, deepened golden and chestnuts warmed hearts as models strutted down the runway. Lavish furs, coats, scarves, hats, blouses and handbags captured these traditional fall colors. These colors will work for your outfits for both the fall and winter months.