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Bots and AI in the Fashion World


Around the world, more businesses are using chatbots than ever – and there’s more to come. Digital media and digital advertising are changing the way we see the world, so perhaps it’s only natural that this change impacts the industry which helps define how we see the world. Fashions are changing, as they always do, and bots are in vogue right now.


Why Should the Fashion Industry Use Bots?

If not for bots, the Internet as we know it would not be here. Without bots, we could not turn to Google to help us search the entire Internet for what we want, and we would never know what is trending on Twitter. Fashion and beauty professionals at nearly every level of the industry already make use of third-party bots even if they’ve never given it much thought, for example in order to secure prime advertising space with target groups surfing the web. Not only that, but fashion industry clients definitely use bots. Clients now expect 24/7 customer service around the globe, and bots never sleep.


Do Bots Have a Downside?

As every programmer knows, bots aren’t people. There is only so much they can do. Barring actual artificial intelligence (AI), the best bots can do is make well-educated guesses. That said, with the right programming, they can make some really well-educated guesses. In addition, bots can be hacked and made to say things and do things, even malicious things never intended by the owner. For the fashion industry, … Read more