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5 Incredible Surprise Ideas to Celebrate Rakhi at Home

The relationship shared by a brother and a sister is exceptionally unique and special. And the day that commemorates this affectionate bond is observed each year when the sister ties a knot of love on the wrist of her brother. With this knot, she embraces this beautiful bond and seeks her brother’s guidance, respect, and love. While the brother vows to protect her and bestows her with some beautiful presents, the sister prays for the good health of her brother. Nowadays, sisters also tie Rakhi to their Bhabhi (sister-in-law) and seek her blessings as well.

We are sure that you would want to make this festival a lot more special with your presents. So here are some gift ideas that will help you celebrate this auspicious day with your sister at home:

Delectable Delights

Girls often love to get treated by some scrumptious delights. And if your little sister has … Read more

10 Tips for Caring for Leather Bags for the Color to Not Fade and Quickly Damage

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Having leather goods, especially leather bags with famous brands must be treated as best as possible. Because, the skin material is very susceptible to air humidity and oily stains.

You certainly do not want if your expensive leather bag is damaged because of your own behavior that does not look after him.

Here are 10 tips that you can apply to care for leather bags

  1. Wipe clean and soap

Clean your leather bag once a week with a clean cloth that has been moistened with warm water and soap. Use a soft type of cloth so as not to damage the skin fibers.

  1. Avoid dangerous substances

Do not use wet wipes, vinegar or other kitchen ingredients to clean stains on the leather bag. This will only cause the color of the leather bag to wear off.

  1. Special ink

If there are stubborn stains on the leather bag, try using a … Read more

Cosmopolitan History

If you’ve left your holiday until the last minute, don’t worry – this guide has you covered! Grab your credit card, and get ready to knock your holiday shopping out in no time. This is what to get for:


  • World coins are also an ideal way to tell a cosmopolitan history buff you care.
  • Pro tip: choose a gift outside the adrenalin junky’s usual comfort zone. If they usually like to scuba dive, try sky diving instead. Just make sure you don’t go too far outside their comfort zone. For instance, if they’re afraid of heights, skip the sky diving and opt for performance driving instead.
  • These walking tours often include cultural and historical points of interest as well as an opportunity for tasting authentic cultural cuisine or checking out the area’s best restaurants. Some culinary tours also offer cooking classes, which are perfect for foodies who love to
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4 Easy Steps to Wear a Saree Perfectly


Many of you love to wear a saree, but the very idea of draping it perfectly brings out cold sweat in many women. No other costume in the world can match a saree in terms of grace and elegance. It can instantaneously bring in a lot of poise, charm and grace to the lady wearing it. This is the reason many girl-child has a secret desire of draping her mother’s favourite saree to transform into a diva. But in today’s busy life, it is not always possible to spend a lot of time to drape a saree. The sari looks superbly elegant when you are able to drape it properly. At the same time, it is prone to horrendous wardrobe malfunctions if you are not able to follow the right technique. The modern Indian women require a ready referral to drape the saree gracefully within a short time. This write … Read more

Traditional Craft Products Ethnic Bali

eat-pray-loveIf you are shopping trips to Asia do not forget to go to Bali, because Bali is a shopping paradise crafts and goods as well as traditional ethnic, which can decorate the house and make-up clothes.
And if you intend to buy traditional handicrafts in Bali do not forget to visit sanur bali indonesia.
The following crafts that you can meet in Bali :


Woven handicrafts in Bali is quite attractive, both for everyday use for the tool needs to religious ceremonies, ceremonies, pedestal seat, even as the base of the bed. Weaving crafts occupied by some residents of Bali, home production is indeed quite promising even exported abroad. The materials used such as pandanus wicker, bamboo, rattan, straw, palm leaves and ata. The handicrafts produced in the form of bags, wallets, pretentious, baskets, mats, ingke, chairs and even sculptures made with classic style and natural, so unique … Read more

Beautify Your Bedroom Right with These Tips

Whether you are using a cover with buttons, or other materials, the master bedroom is one of the rooms you are going to spend a lot of time in. This is one reason you need to pay attention to the overall look and feel of the room because it may affect the mood. The following are a few techniques and changes you can make to your bedroom to ensure it looks exactly as it should.

The Focal Board

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom. It takes up the most room, so making sure you get the right bed is vital. Now, there are a number of things you can do to ensure the bed looks great. For one, you can add an interesting headboard.

This does not have to cost much. You can get pretty creative with your headboard. Those with some DIY woodworking skills may … Read more

Five Best 5-Star Hotels In Bangalore

About Bangalore

Bangalore, also known as Bengaluru, is the capital city of the Indian state of Karnataka. Also referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, the city of Bangalore is one of the major crowd pullers of South India. The friendly ambience and the mind-soothing tourist destinations of the city are one of the main reasons behind its growing popularity as one of the major tourist hubs of Southern India. The most exciting thing is that the city has something on offer for everyone. A visit to Bangalore can be entertaining even for a child of eight years or an eighty-year-old senior citizen. Bull Temple, Pyramid Valley International, Bannerghatta National Park, Cubbon Park, ISKCON Temple, and Wonderla Amusement Park are some of the popular tourist destinations that the tourists can choose to visit. In addition to being a major tourist hub, Bangalore is also a centre for major business … Read more

UK Retail Sales Continue to Climb, Despite Rocky Month of January

For the retail industry, January is the biggest month for bankruptcy filings. Every year, there are many retail businesses that hope holiday sales will be able to pull them out of their cash-flow hole and boost sales and profits. Some are also burdened with a heavy load of debt. Sadly, many of these businesses do not have the liquidity to go forward without court protection and file for bankruptcy. This year, that is not the case for UK retailers.

According to reports, UK retailers successfully battled tough trading conditions in January. In a month that is typically very difficult for this industry, sales actually increased by 0.6{0f96de2a6874a2011bd32b36c18fd3db141d5c337ce905be2339bd1501acd9c1} on a like-for-like basis from January, compared to a decrease of 0.6{0f96de2a6874a2011bd32b36c18fd3db141d5c337ce905be2339bd1501acd9c1} for the same month in 2017. In addition, total sales rose 1.4 per cent last month, following a rise of just 0.1 per cent a year ago.

Helen Dickinson, BRC chief … Read more

Korean comfort women in the 21st century


Korean comfort women, as the Japanese refer to them, suffered sex enslavement during World War II, but their plight continues to influence Korean-Japanese politics.

Kidnapped, Forced into Sex Slavery

During World War II, Japanese soldiers forced young women into sex slavery, kidnapping them off the streets. Women from China, Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines were taken and relocated to brothels, called comfort stations by the Japanese Army. One such woman, Lee Ok-Seon, kidnapped at aged 14, described the daily treatment the 11 to 14-year-old girls received: “We were often beaten, threatened and attacked with knives.” They were also raped daily, as she told the Deutsche Welle.

Ok-Seong is one of many Korean comfort women who came forward during the 21st century to talk about their experiences. Although no exact number exists, the involved governments estimate that the Japanese abducted about 200,000 women for the brothels, or comfort stations. About 50 … Read more

Comfort Women – A Necessary Diplomatic Resolution

South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye continues the policies implemented by the Japanese and South Korean governments to give restitution to comfort women and their relatives. The plan to compensate women and their families began with a “final and irreversible” deal between Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se on December 28, 2015. The plan continued to thrive, on July 28, 2016, with the implementation of the Foundation for Reconciliation and Healing, a NGO created to give assistance to those affected by the wartime offense. With the NGO in place, by August, Japan devoted about $9 million to the institution while South Korea offered close to $108,000. Funds will be used to support the surviving women and their families.



Despite the progress of the deal, there still has been several opposing voices that feel the compensation is not nearly enough for restitution. Many surviving … Read more