Traditional Craft Products Ethnic Bali

eat-pray-loveIf you are shopping trips to Asia do not forget to go to Bali, because Bali is a shopping paradise crafts and goods as well as traditional ethnic, which can decorate the house and make-up clothes.
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The following crafts that you can meet in Bali :


Woven handicrafts in Bali is quite attractive, both for everyday use for the tool needs to religious ceremonies, ceremonies, pedestal seat, even as the base of the bed. Weaving crafts occupied by some residents of Bali, home production is indeed quite promising even exported abroad. The materials used such as pandanus wicker, bamboo, rattan, straw, palm leaves and ata. The handicrafts produced in the form of bags, wallets, pretentious, baskets, mats, ingke, chairs and even sculptures made with classic style and natural, so unique and beautiful as items of local handicrafts Bali.


For local cultures and traditions, artisans mask is needed in Bali for equipment staging art and religious ceremonies that usually displays the sacred dance called the Barong dance. The form of the masks are also the result of local crafts. Some types of masks are quite famous is the Barong mask, Rangda, old mask, the Queen and also masks Bondres. One famous craft mask in Bali is Singapadu village.

Coconut shell

Results craft of coconuts in the hands of the skilled and creative will be a high-value goods. Coconut shells or coconut shell Becomes home industries producing goods with a wide variety of forms, ranging from accessories for women such as hair clips, as well as for buttons, photo frames up to the kitchen utensils such as bowls and spoons. Coconut shell can even be made for bags, decorative lamps, jewelry bowl praying tool. One village where craftsmen Coconut Shell are Tampaksiring Gianyar, the craft has even penetrated markets of Asia, Europe, America and Australia.

Balinese Painting

Artwork Balinese painters in the form of Balinese painting does have different characteristics with various other paintings, has its own characteristics with high artistic value, the stroke-brush stroke clear and unequivocal, the process is very tidy with attention to every detail is done with feeling. So that the craft of Bali is very attractive to tourists. From paintings you already know that the art works are paintings of Bali, because of a characteristic that is displayed, you can see the painting in almost all of the art market. And one place is quite famous classical painting puppet Kamasan village Klungkung.

Endek and songket cloth

For the citizens of Hindu Bali Endek fabrics are very popular used for the purposes of traditional Balinese dress like to pretend or other ceremonies. While songket economic value is high enough, woven using gold and silver threads, this combination will be more perfect if it is embedded in the silk yarn. Gold and silver threads are additional threads to decorate a fabric, so it looks very luxurious. Some places craftsmen woven fabric is Sulang village in Klungkung and Sidemen, Karangasem.


Art crafts sculpture in Bali grow and develop very well, whether it is wood carving and stone sculpture. Sculpture is associated with sculpture. As well as the traditional house of Bali tend to use carvings in wood and stone, and furnished with a carved statue made to look beautiful. Stone sculptures may be seen in the village of Batubulan, various types of sculpture you can be found here either for decoration or to the means sacred place. While the wooden sculpture in Bali can be found in the village of Mas, District of Ubud, Gianyar.

Gold and silver in Celuk

No doubt the results of gold and silver craft in Celuk village is indeed very popular, featured craft produce various results with quality and the best quality and can be produced in large enough quantities, so that it can meet the needs of local and even international market quickly intervening. Almost all residents have the expertise as silver artisans, various handicrafts produced results such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, Bross, ceremonial tool, even to the statue that has high economic value. Celuk Thus Spake Become obligatory tour destination in Bali for a number of tourists.