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Overwatch 2 Survey Seeks Feedback on Cosmetics Price, Asks Players If They’re Willing to Spend $45 on a Character Skin

For Overwatch 2 players looking to stand out, how much are you willing to spend on character skins and other cosmetics in the game? Blizzard hopes it’s a lot, as an Overwatch 2 survey has been sent out to players, and it seems the target price listed so far for weapon, character skins and the like are pretty steep.

In case you didn’t know, Blizzard is releasing Overwatch 2’s PvP (player vs. player) component free for everyone. With that in mind, the studio (along with parent company Activision) looks to recoup development costs by not only featuring a Battle Pass into the game, but by selling cosmetics as well. One of the new cosmetics being introduced in Overwatch 2 are “mythic” skins, which the studio gave players a sneak peek into what they’d look like when released.

In the survey sent out, it asks players if they are willing to spend $45 on mythic skins (!), and weapon charms at $10, and other cosmetic items at ridiculous prices. One “bundle” has three character sprays at $5, while another has an emote, highlight intro and a “souvenir” at $20.

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I don’t know about you, but $25 for a legendary skin is crazy given it’s close to half the price of most AAA boxed games sold these days. Perhaps Blizzard (and Activision) is thinking of selling skins at this prices to attract the filthy rich bastards players? Or perhaps to elicit some huge FOMO (fear of missing out) vibes? Whatever the case

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The Quarry launches new update – introduces multiplayer mode, ’80s cosmetics, and more

The Quarry is the spiritual successor to Until Dawn of 2015, and while that’s a lot to live up to, we talk in our review about exactly how The Quarry doesn’t disappoint. These summer lovin’ teens are in for a surprise when things inevitably go wrong at Hackett’s Quarry. Better yet, Supermassive Games has released a huge update for the title, so now you need not venture The Quarry alone.

Take a glimpse at some of the action in The Quarry here!

Today’s update introduces the highly anticipated online multiplayer mode, appropriately named Wolf Pack. You likely already know how couch co-op works, where you and pals pass the controller, but online multiplayer allows you to experience the game with friends almost anywhere, at any time, with little to no planning needed.

The leader of the pack (the host) can invite up to seven friends to join them for the adventure. The host will play out The Quarry while the others watch, but the audience plays a pivotal role in this mode; your votes determine each key decision, and the majority vote will dictate what happens next.

This will undoubtedly lead to some debate amongst friends, and with the replayable nature of The Quarry and its 186 endings, there’s no telling how Wolf Pack mode will end for you and your friends. Nonetheless, it sounds like a great way to spend a weekend, if you live and breathe horror.

Will you and your friends be able to keep these
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Elvis Costello Quits Cosmetics Company Job

On July 9, 1977, a little more than a month before his 23rd birthday, Elvis Costello did what many young, aspiring musicians are told note to do: He quit his day job.

Costello had worked several odd jobs before he found his big break. After school, he took a job as an Admiralty chart corrector in Liverpool; he then worked in a bank office, where the words on the computer screen were so small that he needed glasses within six months. That job ended when he got into a scuffle with an employee who accused Costello of stealing stamps. “I had my hand around his throat before I knew what I’d done,” he wrote in his 2015 autobiography, Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink.

He eventually found himself employed as a computer programmer for cosmetics company Elizabeth Arden, which sold, as Costello put it, “flawed lipstick and powder at a discount, so if I’d been into glam rock, I might have made a killing.” It was by no means Costello’s idea of ​​a dream job, but it paid the bills.

“I graduated from secondary school in 1973. It was the first year of 1 million in England in recent times – in Liverpool, anywhere up north, it was worse. I was very lucky to get a job,” he told Rolling Stones in 1982. “I had no ambition to go into further education; I just went out and got the first job I could get. … I got a job as

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Fall Guys Season 1 Battle Pass – All Rewards And Cosmetics

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Call of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone Terminator Cosmetics Revealed

In June, Activision announced that Call of Duty was collaborating with The Terminator, and now the company has revealed when that crossover will begin and what skins, cosmetics, and modes players can expect. The game’s midseason update is dropping on July 26 in Vanguard and the following day in Warzonebut it appears as though the season won’t fully kick off until July 27 when both games are updated.

The Terminator cosmetic packs, however, won’t be available until sometime in August. The Terminator T-800 Mastercraft Ultra Operator Bundle will feature Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator, the T-800. It will come with the Model T-800 Operator, as well as a finishing move, charm, animated emblem, reticle, Play of the Game reel, a handful of MVP highlights, and bundle of three weapon blueprints.

The Terminator T-1000 Ultra Operator Bundle features Robert Patrick’s iconic Terminator, the T-1000. It includes the Model T-1000 Operator in addition to a finishing move, Play of the Game reel, few MVP highlights, trio of weapon blueprints, watch, emblem, and animated calling card. Activision didn’t give prices for either bundle, but they will likely be 2,400 COD Points each, which is around $20.

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The season is not entirely focused on The Terminatorbut does have some other Terminator-related aspects. Warzone is holding Titanium Trials that will make the time-to-kill much longer, emulating the unkillable nature of the Terminators. Base armor will be increased

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