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Wax Vaporizer Pen: Are you Sure it is Safe?

The portable electronic smoking device, or commonly known as vape mods or vape pens, is rapidly gaining popularity among marijuana users (medical marijuana) and traditional smokers because they can provide a discreet, convenient, and harmless way to administer tobacco and cannabis. The big question is, “How safe are these expensive vape pens like Micro Vaped V4, and the liquid you are using?”

It is assumed that vaping is much healthier compared to administering tobacco or marijuana smoke by inhalation. Inhaling smoke can irritate the lungs due to harmful substances coming from traditional tobacco and marijuana. Since the atomizer or vaporizer of the vape pen heats the tobacco oil concentrate and cannabis extract without burning the extract, the active components are inhaled by the user, but there is no smoke involved.

At least that’s how it should be supposed to work. But any device has its hidden downside, even vape pens. Most of these devices are manufactured in China, marketed on the internet, and sold without proper regulatory controls from the government. Vape pens are available mostly online, vape shops or in medical marijuana shops or dispensaries.

They contain Li-Ion battery and a heating mechanism, if exposed to high heat, will transform any oil or solvents, vape oil additives and flavoring agents into carcinogens and other unknown dangerous toxins.

One of the most popular concerns when it comes to vaping is the use of the chemical, Propylene glycol or PG as an additive to cannabis/hemp oil or tobacco extract in … Read more

Pick the right cake for your anniversary celebration

Celebration of anniversary has to be a grand one. After all spending a year with one person is no small task – right? The more you spend days with your honey, the more you come to know about the real person. You also witness the graph of change in each other. So, in a nutshell, the journey is always worth it! Be it the first year or the tenth year, a wedding anniversary cake is important part of the celebration. So, let’s see which cake suits which year of your union.

Strawberry cake for 1st year:

The first year of marriage is a special one and couples are still; very lovey-dovey with each other. Most of the couples in this stage are still in that essence of honeymoon. So, they generally don’t see any flaw in each other. So, if you know any couple who would be celebrating the first year of marriage, do take a strawberry cake. Firstly, because the color is very much pink and secondly, the taste is very sweet. Both the pink color and sweetness matches the spirit of one year of marriage truly.

Black Currant cake for 5th Year:

5 years mean 1825 days and this is nothing less in knowing each other. You may discover many unknown facets of your partner and things may seem a bit heart-broken at times. But being husband and wife, you also cultivate those qualities to overcome all odds and be with each other, come what may! This … Read more