Take A Peek into Milan Fashion Week

Take A Peek into Milan Fashion Week


Milan Fashion Week began with a bang. The theme for the week long fashion extravaganza was all about displaying Italian fashion for the past three decades. The weeklong event detailed the country’s formative years of creating ready to wear fashions that has stamped the country into fashion history forever. Beginning the celebration was a luncheon that channeled the country’s nostalgia for its fashion history and contribution. Although the luncheon gave ode to the former years and collections of Italy’s fashion, it also debuts the significant influence on new Italian labels merging. Both established labels and newcomers lunched and met and spoke over the next phase of Italian fashion.

Milan Fashion Week is a part of the big four fashion weeks (Paris, London, Milan and New York City). The Milan Fashion Week was first launched in 1958. It garnered a reputation for being the fashion show they gave Italian designers their first big break into the world of high end fashion. It is a platform to where Italian fashion houses, trends and newbies become legends in the world of fashion. This fashion week occurs biannually once in the summer and once in the winter. The summer show showcases upcoming summer fashions and the winter shoe showcases the autumn and winter trends.

This year’s shows gave audiences something new. Fashion lovers, editors, stylists and celebrities stood by as models displayed a new look on the fashions that would follow in the months ahead. Bold feminism looks were created by giving models straight lined skirts, pants and jackets. More masculine and boxy looks were created. Layered sweatshirts and sweaters hid female figures and pronounced feminism through the fashion.

The TV store online, discount stores, chain retailers and posh boutiques will be drenching with the styles that decorated the Milan runways. One style that will be in stores everywhere will definitely the animal and colorful prints. Italian designers created collections that covered coats and handbags and footwear inspired by prints of African large cats like the cheetah, jaguar and zebra. Color was not minimal. A lot of the color could be seen in floral printed dresses, blouses and skirts. Autumn and winter fashion were inspired by an overdose of bright hues and earth tone neutrals. Pairing both a bright red and golden khaki make for the perfect color combo for the chilly months ahead.

Jackets and blazers took over the runways. They gave vibes of the working woman. As these working models strutted down the runway, eyes couldn’t help but appreciate how beautiful a pants suit looks on a professional woman. Ponchos and duvet coats came in many colors with great checkered patterns. These make for great warm pieces for the fall and winter. A classic collar shirt made a comeback. These go well with the pant suits that dominated the catwalks. If a pant suit is not your thing, try a pencil skirt. These also give off working woman vibes and are great for those women wanting to have a flattering bottom half look.