Why Women Should Shop in the Men’s Clothing Aisle

Finally, brands like Diesel and Zara are offering gender-neutral choices that give both men and women the chance to dress in a way that is non-specific to their sex. Mommy bloggers have been complaining about gender-specific toys for a long time, but what about us adults? Wouldn’t we also like the freedom to shop for clothing in the same department?

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Politics aside, there are just so many good reasons why women should bypass the women’s department and head straight to the menswear section. Here are a few.


It is here that your creative juices will start flowing. Think of what menswear did for Diane Keaton during the seventies in Annie Hall. Besides having a unique look that your friends might only latch on to later, you can start tailoring your look to suit your personality. Everyone knows that the T-shirts in the menswear section are the best when it comes to colours and logos. Regular mens Farah shirts beat an “oversized shirt” from the ladies’ department hands down every time.

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If you are looking for a comfortable roomy fit, you cannot go wrong a men’s sweater or button-up shirt. The armholes don’t cut off your circulation, and the width doesn’t get narrower towards the hem. Even hoodies don’t seem to be so restrictive, and the colours and fabric available from places such as http://ejmenswear.com/brands/farah are much better than the ones found in the ladies’ section.

Although skinny jeans have been blamed for a rare case of compartment syndrome, there are much better reasons to opt for men’s trousers. They are generally roomier, and if you are tall and skinny, you are most likely to find your perfect fit. The only challenge here is that not all females figures are suited to men’s trousers, and if you are curvy, you might run into a few problems – these styles are not made to accommodate hips and narrow waists.

Price Tag

You will be blown away once you start comparing identical items from the two departments. Many find it amusing that the men’s T-shirts take up more fabric but they end up costing significantly less. You will find the same when it comes to classic sweaters, polo tops, denim shirts and luxury knits. The items for men always seem to be cheaper.