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Just Who Is Chris Oyakhilome

Did you know that some of the most intriguing and interesting people on the planet aren’t household names? Even though these special individuals doesn’t posses any celebrity appeal, they’ve made a name for themselves while flying under the radar. Chris Oyakhilome is one of those special individuals, and he uses the power of prayer to change lives for the better. Better known as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, this individual is the head leader of the affluent Christ Embassy Mission in Nigeria, Africa. This isn’t your average everyday mission in a sense. This institution provides many different forms of spiritual healing, and it has helped millions of people find their purpose in life.


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is known by many different titles. Being such a well rounded individual, he’s said to be a teacher, a spiritual healer, a television host, and an author. His book, “Rhapsody of Realities,” has gone on to become a best seller. This publication has been distributed across 242 countries worldwide. On top of the coverage area, the best selling book comes in numerous language formats such as Hindi, German, English, Spanish, Afrikaans, Swahili, Dutch, Croatian and many more. The church’s massive crusades of healing and teachings are what it does best. These special crusades comes in the form of events like the “Night of Bliss and the Higher Life Conference.” Humungous crowds that swell into the millions usually attend just for a single night’s visit. The power of the words can work wonders if received as intended, which has garnered the church such extraordinary fame. This institution has grown dramatically since it’s inception and as of today, it has satellite locations in Canada, South Africa and the U.S. Pastor Chris is revolutionizing the religious experience and with up to 30 years of being devoted to spiritualism, he has the knowledge, experience and expertise in all things Christ related.

Amongst the many events that the Christ Embassy Mission participates in, there is one that stands out from the rest. The Worship and Communion Miracle Service is by far it’s most decelerated service. Also known as the “Zimbabwe Event,” the (WCMS) is more so a huge celebration of the holy spirit, and it’s teachings. The glamorous revival is huge as it hosts massive crowds of registered attendants. The average individual count is usually around 100,000 and that’s not including the thousands of unregistered individuals. The door is always open here and the free admission personifies this at it’s best. Even before the main event, there are numerous prayer rallies going on thanks to the enormous amount of excitement. Being so popular, there are numerous local television networks who broadcast the event to the millions of followers. Pastor Chris is surely doing the “Lord’s work,” and his following, success and testimonials are a true testament to it all. Chris Oyakhilome is surely a man on a mission. Chris Oyakhilome