Home Improvement Ideas to Transform Your Home This Summer

Are you thinking of improving your home? How about taking advantage of this summer weather?Your indoor and outdoor spaces deserve a little touch up from time to time and summer is the perfect time to carry out such projects. These home improvement ideas will give your home a fresh new look and design.

Garden Shades

Stay cool during summer by building a shade in your yard. The shade will not only shield you from the hot sun but also improve your garden’s appearance. Summer is a great time to plant natural shades in the form of trees. This is a one-time project that will benefit you seasons to come. You can also create a small canopy shade outside your house to design an outdoor eating space. You can choose to buy customized shade umbrellas or build one using wood and canvas.A more stylish shade design would be using willows to create a living shade. You will need to identify the right willow tree to get cuttings for your shade. You can plant according to the design you like for example, square, hexagon, globe, long tunnel, etc. In a few weeks, the cutting will sprout branches and you will need to prune or trim to maintain the desired shape.


Summer is the best time to prune flowers, trim the fence or cut obstructive trees. The outdoor is the first impression your visitors will get. You can trim the grass and plant more where needed. You may focus so much on the garden and forget the pavement or drive way. Replace worn out sections and repair pot holes to improve the appearance.

Upgrade the Windows

Summer is a suitable time to work on your windows. Windows allow natural lighting into the house, so structuring big windows will be a good idea. You can add style to large windows by placing light blinds to block out the light when night falls.
You can use shutters to cover part of your window while allowing maximum light into the house. Shutters can be used in different window designs of your rooms including the kitchen. They come in various styles to suit the design of the rest of the house. You will only need the right measurements to fit the right size of the screen to your windows.Have a peek at this web-site here for shutter designs you may like.

Remodel the Kitchen

Transform your kitchen by adding a few design features for a more vibrant look. Focus on the design of your cabinets by using lasting finishes. Neutral colors such as white and grey will match any other type of color in your kitchen. You can also use marble on counter tops which lasts long and survives possible water damage. Also, work on lighting features by adding chandeliers or pendant lights over your kitchen’s island.


The lovely weather during summer allows you to make complex or minor improvements to your home. Building a shade at your outdoor space and landscaping should be on top your list when transforming your home. You can also consider improving your windows appearance or styling your kitchen for a classy design. Lastly, ensure your house has adequate lighting both natural and artificial.