Zara Tricks To Tempt Customers To Buy More Clothing

Can’t skip a Zara store without buying at least one item? Maybe you’ve been trapped by the various tricks of the Spanish fashion retailer. Like most other stores, Zara has a way of attracting customers to come into the store and buy clothes. Not only that, this brand that is known for offering stylish clothing at affordable prices implements a strategy so that shoppers buy more in unexpected ways.

Most Expensive Clothes in Front

You probably already know this trick. Most stores including Zara often put the nicest and most expensive items at the front. That way, it is hoped that customers will fall in love at first sight and buy the product. Reported by Brightside, clothes that are cheaper and older are usually placed on the back.

Stylish Setting

If you notice, sometimes Zara doesn’t provide a special place for an item. Often clothes, shoes and bags are placed in the same place. This is done so that customers can be more comfortable and save time when they want to find a partner. Zara also tries to tell you if everything is ready and all you need to do is pay.

Don’t Advertise

Most brands place advertisements or sponsors so that their products are better known. But Zara rarely does. Turns out it was a strategy. The brand is said to be investing more in catalogs and in-glass displays. The tactic is for the customer to feel that there is something exclusive in the store and think that the quality of the clothes is really good. This is also done by expensive brands, such as Balenciaga and Versace.

Store Location

Zara also has a few tricks to build an image. One of them is store placement. It is said that Zara stores around the world are always side by side with other elite brands. That way, customers will think that Zara is one of them. This means that Zara gives customers the opportunity to feel stylish when they buy their goods.

Special Collections

One of Zara’s newest ways to attract customers is to release short collections. To provide a new shopping experience, the brand releases new collections several times a year. Therefore, Zara can quickly present trending clothes in their store.

Illusion Must Buy

It is said that Zara creates something called a ‘rare’ effect. This means that the brand wants to make customers think that ‘if you don’t buy it now, it won’t be there anymore’. That way, customers will take home at least one item when they leave the store.

Shop Example

To create a comfortable atmosphere and ultimately make customers spend more, Zara has an example of a hidden store. The shop is available in Spain which is used to design how Zara outlets around the world can give a feeling of wanting to buy. It is said that as many as 30 architects thought of every detail, starting from the lighting, floor texture, shape of clothes hangers, height of mannequins, cashier location, and others.