Who can wear black?

Black is an iconic colour. How many times have you heard that this season’s new colour is the new black? Premieres are strewn with celebrities gliding effortlessly down the red carpet in stylish black numbers and, of course, how many women have that little black dress at the back of their wardrobes ready to be pulled out for a special occasion? For less formal occasions, black can add a touch of style to a pair of jeans or pair perfectly with any colour or pattern to complete an outfit.

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But can everyone wear black? Isn’t it a very harsh colour? Isn’t it ageing? The good news is that anyone can wear black if they choose a style that flatters and pair it with great accessories. Whether at work, at home, at a casual lunch or at a more formal do, black can be incredibly flattering and stylish. The maxi dress is one example of a wardrobe staple that works extremely well in black.

Maxi dresses can be worn for virtually any occasion. In black, they work well as party wear or for more formal events and give the wearer an air of elegance and style, almost effortlessly. The maxi dress is the new Little Black Dress, but far more forgiving and flattering.

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How to wear a black maxi dress formally

Even iconic events like the Oscars always have more than their fair share of maxi dresses in black, and there’s a good reason for that. The celebrities know that black effortlessly slims and flatters. Where sparkle can look questionable on lighter colours, it exudes style with black. Simply add some minimal accessories, a pair of killer heels and you’re set.

How to wear a black maxi dress informally

Whilst many people may think of long black dresses as purely formal wear, the maxi dress in black works equally well for more casual occasions, whether a family birthday, a trip to the seaside or meeting friends for lunch. Choosing a more casual style and pairing it with different accessories, such as a skinny belt and flat sandals suddenly transforms this wardrobe staple into a go anywhere, do anything piece, providing comfort whilst looking great.