Take a peek at the Specifications of the Vespa GTS 300 Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

With all their innovations and sophistication, the Piaggio company has launched its new product called the Vespa GTS 300. Motorcycles that are officially sold at Vespa dealers simultaneously. As an official sales agent by combining urban areas. and adventure style that makes the Vespa GTS 300 motorbike look unique. Also, armed with a large body and powerful power, of course, makes this Italian vehicle suitable for driving in the city or long-distance travel. If you like the extra powerful classic scooters, you need to glance at this one, 300 HPE GTS. Vespa 300 HPE has a relatively large pacemaker of cubic.

But calm, not as expensive as the previous series. The price is still around £ 4000. When they first launched, they imported directly from Italy and the price was almost £ 5,899.

Now, with that much nominal value, what do you get? Is it only a machine that bigger than GTS 150?


There is no difference with the previous version that uses a round headlamp, with a package that also includes a handlebar. A unique Vespa was reminiscent of the ancient Vespa, a registered twilight lamp that blends with the DRL on the front shield. The most iconic, GTS has a wind fin right next to the front drawer. Make no mistake it’s not part of the decoration, the holes help remove heat from the engine.

From the side to the stern is very large. The dimensions are indeed bigger than the others. The length reaches 1950 mm, the width is 775 mm and the seat height to the ground is 800 mm.

Because the stern is wide, so the proportions are right, followed by the use of a large-stop lamp. It looks very classic, similar to the old Super Vespa. Also, at the front, there are more parallel lines which are vents. Its location is very similar to the concept of Vespa in the past.

Unfortunately, the beautiful shape is not strengthened with many color options. There are only three choices: white (Monte Bianco), yellow (Giallo-Gelosia), and green (Verde Speranza). Therefore, it is rather difficult to adjust to taste.


The pacemaker sector, of course, is quite special. He did not rely on the i-Get engine, but a single-cylinder 278.3 cc 4-valve Quasar. The output is around 21 PS at 7,750 rpm and torque of 22 Nm at 5,000 Rpm. All this power is channeled to the rear wheels via a CVT transmission.

To maintain engine temperature, a radiator has been implanted behind the body. Now that’s the point of the wind grating. The heat inside is released by the fan into the holes in the front or back. Understandably, large machines have a greater probability of overheating.


The dashboard panel has a silhouette that is similar to all the variants. An analog-digital combination that is quite informative. The difference is, the speedometer shown by the mechanical needle has a more stylish number format. While on a digital screen, only standard. A kind of fundamental thing.

Moving to the right switch, something interesting. GTS 300 is equipped with traction control or they named it Anti Slip Regulation (ASR). Of course, this can be turned off. Automatic, rear tire traction is maintained from a large burst of power.

Other security features are called tilt sensors. This system can turn off the engine at a certain angle. Lots of cases of motorbikes still ignite when falling. Sometimes the wheel rotation causes more severe harm. So, this system was presented. The question is, how slanted it operates.

The rest, there are electric saddle button openers, bike finders, immobilizers, USB ports, front drawers, and large luggage that have become standard.


The front legs are equipped with a single swing arm with hydraulic dampers and helical springs. For the rear, two shock breakers can be adjusted in four levels. Moving on to the wheels, a pair of five-spoke silver-and-white rim bars. This model is honestly already getting boring. Still, the same as the first generation when it was launched. The two rims were wrapped in identical size, tubeless 120/70 12 Inch tires.

The rate of containment security device is complete. In contrast to Sprint and Primavera, the GTS series adopts disc brake systems on both wheels. The size is the same, 220 mm both on the front and back. Not only that, the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) sensor is distributed in two wheels. The speed is fast not to worry about. Existing components can certainly hold well.