Symbolism behind motorcycle patches




There are thousands of motorcycle clubs out there, and every one of them has a unique motorcycle patch. Many motorcycle clubs don’t want to stick to traditional one patch design. Some of them have two or three separate patches. Most clubs that own more are usually outlaw clubs and each patch can be earned. The symbols of motorcycle clubs are patches and emblems designed to be easily recognized and represent a strong attitude.  You can check the history behind it here.

An outlaw motorcycle club is a motorcycle subculture, and we are going to cover some of the most popular out there. Most of clubs like motorcycles that are good for long rides, so cruisers or Harley Davidson are the best choice to go with.


The Finks

The club was founded in the Australia, in the town called Adelaide in 1969. Inspiration for the name came from famous comic The Wizard of Id. In their logo design is Bung, the court jester. To be unique, they redesign jester’s pants to describe the state of the chapter. On top of the jacket is usually the name of the club and in the bottom ether name of the chapter or the state of the chapter. Most of The Finks members joined Mongols in 2013.

The Mongols


The inspiration for their name is the famous Emperor Genghis Khan, They were formed in California in the 70s. The main patch of Mongols club is a strong Mongolian man on a Harley Davidson. Above him is the clubs name and beneath can be the state of the chapter they are currently at. Being an old club, they like traditional black and white patches. You can check out some cool iron-on patches from The Cheap Place website. Patches are designed to have a mean look with style. For motorcycle clubs they also have a deeper meaning.



 The group comes from Texas. They are well known in the world, some of Bandidos chapers come from Europe, Canada and Scandinavia. Their logo is a man with a big belly with a sombrero who is holding a sword in one hand and gun in the other. Usually above the sombrero man is the name Bandidos and beneath him is the name of the chapter. They like to represent themselves as outlaws putting the symbol of 1{0f96de2a6874a2011bd32b36c18fd3db141d5c337ce905be2339bd1501acd9c1} to the left and on the right are acronyms MC. They were mentioned in the movie Bikie Wars.



The club was formed in Sydney, New South Wales in 1968. The name was chosen after seeing the John Wayne film The Comancheros. The symbol of Comanchero club is a gold and silver phoenix. Name Comanchero and state of the chapter are written in gold color, as for the phoenix, it is in the red background. A phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. The phoenix dies in a show of flames and combustion before being born again.



 The Gremium club is founded in Germany in 1972, they represent the outlaws. Being the largest club in Germany with 73 patches in the state, they expanded through the Europe countries. Design of the patch is in black and white with a fist above the clouds. Beneath it is the name Gremium. They are called black seven because, for the name, they used seven letters and the seventh letter of the alphabet is G.


Hell’s Angels

 Founded in the United States, their residence is in Fontana, San Bernardino area. They now have clubs across the world. The nickname of the club is The Red and White, which are the main colors of the Hell’s Angels logo. Their design has a deeper meaning behind it they add number 81 on some patches meaning the route 81. The symbolism of numbers is letters of alphabet H and A. Patches with these numbers are worn by supporters of the club, to make the difference from real members. Former Hell’s Angles recruit reviled some stories about biker life which you can check out here.

Most of outlaw motorcycle clubs are putting the 1{0f96de2a6874a2011bd32b36c18fd3db141d5c337ce905be2339bd1501acd9c1} sign on their logo, to show to the public that they are divided from 99{0f96de2a6874a2011bd32b36c18fd3db141d5c337ce905be2339bd1501acd9c1} of motorcycle clubs.