How Can Online Clothing Stores Overcome Customer Disappointment

Shopping online is no more just a trend that makes the shoppers feel exclusive, but instead, it has become a lifestyle for many people. It is an experience that helps you save time and can let you explore numerous amounts of options without you getting up from your seat. All you need to do is type in your required search word that relates to your item and you will be presented with a number of choices that match perfectly with your search. This is because there are plenty of websites for you to shop online and following in on the success of these stores, many brick and mortar stores have also adopted online shopping methods.

Even though there are many online stores for you to choose from, not all of them provide the best services and good quality products. Due to these drawbacks, customers may suffer through a bad shopping experience online. Even in well-established stores, there is a possibility of an order going wrong in terms of size, color, length and many others. Dealing with disappointed customers can be difficult and helping your shopper get a better experience of your store can get complicated. Here are a few things that the online stores can do to improve their services and keep their customers happy.

Be Sympathetic:

There are a lot of times when customers don’t even want to contact customer support because they don’t know how to address their problems with someone they don’t even know. So when they do gather the courage to talk to you in a non-offensive way, be sympathetic to their situation. If a customer is communicating in a written format but does not understand your language, then use Google translator to help them understand. If the customer speaks a foreign language and is communicating over the phone, advise them to have a written conversation through email or live chat instead. Do not take offense personally if the person is not using proper etiquette, they may not be in the best mood at that moment. Always remember that their comments are directed at the company or the product and not at you.

Remember to Apologize:

The customer hasn’t got what they saw in the pictures on your website, this is a mistake on your company’s behalf. This is why you must apologize for the mistake even if the customer is being rude. There is a high possibility that the caller may calm down if they hear a well-worded apology from you. Remember to analyze the issue before you say sorry and then make the statement accordingly. Furthermore, this can be your first step in regaining the trust of your customer.

Reduce Your Error:

Monitor your website closely to reduce errors and miscommunication with the customer. Keep your website updated on anything that is out of stock, or if the price of the item has been increased or decreased in a timely manner. Also if your website sells through third party vendors, ensure that the actual product matches the product in the picture. Colors, material, size charts should not be different from what is being presented to the audience and the product that is being delivered. Hold strict policies against false advertising and encourage your customers to come forward if a situation such as this arises with them. To eliminate any chances of miscommunication, and things that the picture isn’t helpful in defining, take help of the product’s description section. If an item is, for instance, an off the shoulder top, then define how low the sleeves hang or how much of the shoulder your customer can expect to be exposed.

Solution through Customer’s Advice:

When dealing with any customer who has gotten a wrong order, you are required to follow protocol and solve the issue according to that rule book. However, some customers do not want to get their dress exchanged but want their cash refunded or some want a size that is not available in your storage. In situations like these, listen to their solutions and let them know politely if it can work out or not. Give valid reasons in case their way cannot work out.

There are plenty of online stores that may offer their customers the trendiest and qualitative products, but a lot also depend on the way they deal with customers’ problems. If your customers are unsatisfied with your customer service there is a high possibility that they won’t choose your online store to shop the next time. So take care of your customers and provide them with an experience that they will want to return as a customer despite the minor setback.