Everything that you need to know about Christmas solar lights

Everything that you need to know about Christmas solar lights


As soon as the festive period arrives, the first and foremost thing that people do is grabbing out there Christmas lights from their backyards. However, to their surprise, half of the lights would not work, and others would need adjustments. This is a huge problem that mostly all the holiday lovers face on regular basis. In addition to this, the usual Christmas light use up a lot of electricity. You might not notice this initially but keep them on for the entire week and you will notice a drastic increase in your electricity bill.

Although many people might not know this but solar lights, a renewable source of energy can also be used as the Christmas lights. The solar panels are not only limited to the roof tops. People can use solar lights as the Christmas lights in order to save significant amount of energy. The solar Christmas lights are exactly the same as the normal Christmas lights except that they are energized through solar energy. Find the best Christmas solar lights in Australia by visiting our website.

How do the Solar Christmas lights operate?

The traditional Christmas lights might have to be used with an extension wire since some of the decorations is done outside the house where there is hard to find a socket. However, with the new solar lights, you will not need to run around looking for extension wires. The only thing that you would require would be a small tiny solar panel by the side that energizes itself via solar light. As soon as the sun rays hit the solar panel, the charging will be activated and will be indicated via the light sensor.

You might be wondering that how a few hours of sunlight can make the Christmas lights last for such long periods. Well, the solar Christmas lights use LED lights instead of the usual bulbs. The LED bulbs require less energy comparatively and can easily work with a few hours of solar energy. You just need to make sure that the solar panel is placed in an area where it has access to sunlight.

Are solar Christmas lights cheap or expensive?

Yes, the solar Christmas lights do save a lot of energy and have considerably low energy bills. But, they would require a heavy installation costs. It is basically a cost benefit analysis that every family should do before buying the Christmas lights. As the conventional lights require a lower up front cost with easy installation, they hurt you in the longer run with increasing bills. The solar Christmas lights, in contrast, will help you in the longer run but would require a higher upfront cost for installation.

Approximately, the solar Christmas lights will be at least 40 to 50 percent expensive than the normal Christmas lights. If you search through Amazon, you might find a 100 foot strand of traditional Christmas lights ranging about $20 per strand with the solar powered lights being around 30 to 35 dollars per strand.