Cheap bongs don’t mean bad

Many are mistaken when choosing a bong

The first misconception of cheap bongs is that they are cheap for a reason. Most people assume it’s because the bong isn’t good at all, which is not true. Sometimes cheap bongs can even out perform expensive bongs by a long shot! Some cheap bongs tend to have features that aren’t found in generic cheap glass pipes or cheap smoking bongs , such as percolators .

The next misconception is that cheap bongs are hard to hit because of their design. This can be true but not most of the time. All cheap glass smoking bongs come with ‘carb holes’ which help inhale smoke quickly and efficiently, whether it’s a cheap glass pipe or a cheap water pipe. Cheap bongs tend to have a wider range of designs as well as cheaper prices compared to other generic glass pipes or cheap smoking bongs , which makes them more attractive to those who would like to buy low priced options that still deliver fantastic hits.

The final misconception is that cheap bongs will be made of low quality glass or pieces. This is not true either, some companies that make cheap bongs actually have great quality control and use sturdy glass that holds up to heat very well. Cheap bongs can come in many styles such as ‘tree percs’, ‘reversal showerhead’ designs , ‘double chamber design,’ or even ‘shower head percs’. 

There are many different ways to buy cheap glass pipes or bongs and all it takes is some research to know which companies make good cheap bongs. Cheap bongs can be found wherever smoking paraphernalia is sold, whether its online or stores in your area. 

There are also cheap glass pipes and cheap smoking bongs stores online that carry cheap bongs for sale at cheap prices. There are many high quality cheap bongs out there, you just need to know where they are!

Best cheap bongs

Is a term used when you really can’t afford anything more expensive, yet still want the best. These cheap glass pipes or cheap smoking bongs put their expensive counterparts to shame in terms of strength, durability, percolators (if they have any), and most importantly – price! The best cheap bongs may not last forever but you’ll get decent use out of them before having to buy another one. You could also try learning how to make your own cheap bong with our easy tutorial.

There are cheap bongs for cheap prices out there, but not all cheap bongs are cheap. That is why it is important to get informed so the best cheap bongs that have quality and performance come into your possession. This article can also help you learn more about cheap glass pipes or cheap smoking bongs which you did not know of before reading this!   

I hope this article has helped you learn more about cheap glass pipes or cheap smoking bongs . Happy shopping! If you find yourself needing help choosing a good cheap bong, check out our easy tutorial on how to choose a cheap bong . You’ll be happy with your new purchase – especially if it’s one of the best cheap bongs around.