6 top tips for your wedding hair and makeup

The over-styled, uber-sculpted cheeks and brows and plastic-haired celebrity wedding look is dead, with natural beauty, simple elegance and classic styles back for good. We are all channelling fairy tale weddings, dreamy beach scenes and secret country gardens. The only question remaining is how to get this look right.

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1. Do makeup for your guests, not the photos

This essentially means you need to think about all the people who will admire you on your big day rather than the photographer taking light readings off your face. Too many brides step out in too much makeup. Not only is this obvious to your guests but also it is a look we now recognise in photos. Concentrate on a fresh-faced and dewy glow with well-defined eyebrows and avoid the sculptured look.

2. Get the balance right

If you have long, flowing, dream-like wedding hair designs in mind, highly-defined cheekbones and eyebrows are a definite no-no. This was a classic 80s mistake that we all should have learnt from; however, it unfortunately comes sneaking back in at weddings. Natural-looking hair needs natural-looking makeup.

3. Think friends, not siblings

You naturally want your bridesmaids to have their hair and makeup done; however, for the wedding party look and the photos to work, their style has to be their own. Avoid matching hairstyles or lipsticks. The beauty of the photos will be in the collective look.

4. Pick the right outfit for you and your guests

When thinking about hair and make up it is important to match your style with the clothing you choose and the same goes for your bridesmaids and guests.  If you have a certain style in mind that you want your party to wear you could ask them to look for their Wedding Guest Dresses online and one option is https://www.axparis.com/collections/wedding-guest-dresses/.

5. Don’t reinvent yourself

If you normally wear your hair down, style it down for your wedding. If you usually wear it up, look at up-dos. Your wedding day is not the time to try something new. Consult resources such for traditional and contemporary ideas.

6. Incorporate hair jewellery

Getting the balance for wedding day jewellery right is hard. Too much jewellery will crowd out your face, while too little will leave you looking underdressed. Now is a great time to think about hair jewellery, which adds a little glamour without taking the focus away from your face.