5 Formal-Wear Tips from Top Men’s Fashion Designers!

When it comes to men’s fashion these days, the choices are unlimited. Gone are the days when fashion for men was limited to a stylish pair of jeans or a casual funky colored T-shirt. Nowadays, tons of fashion accessories including hats, leather watches, scarves and shoes of all kinds.

Previously, a pair of running joggers was considered to be enough of a fashion accessory for men but now the trends have widely changed all across the globe.

With the development of fashion industry all over the world; men are now more aware of their fashion needs and are more focused towards looking good by using trendy accessories of all kinds.

If you are always unsure about what kind of formal wear you should opt for; getting recommendations from top designers is always a good idea to go by.

The fashion world is constantly evolving with new trends coming ever so often. Sometimes; it gets really difficult to stay abreast with the latest happenings and trends.

Moreover, financial management is yet another factor which often halts us from buying whatever we desire especially when it comes to buying designer clothing accessories. Here are top 5 formal wear tips straight from top designers for men’s clothing.

  1. Striped Shirts:


When it comes to formal wear; striped shirts can literally save a day if you are unable to decide what to wear on a business trip or meeting.

Top designers for men’s clothing strongly recommend having formal dress shirts in your closet. These shirts are available in contrasting colors and you can also go for patterned stripes.

  1. Ties:


Without having a beautiful collection of ties; your formal wardrobe is incomplete.A gentleman should have a tie for every occasion. Formal ties not only look beautiful but also give you a smart and corporate look.

As per the experts; you should never leave home without a suited up tie if you are heading off to a business meeting or a job interview.

  1. Cufflinks:


Give your formal wear a unique and innovative touch by pairing it up with silver studded or designer cufflinks.

These cufflinks are available in various designs and sizes and look absolutely beautiful if you wear them with crisp white shirt or any plain colored dress shirt for that matter.Cufflinks are considered to be a great fashion accessory and can be used on any formal occasion.

  1. Suede Shoes:


Keep it versatile when it comes to buying shoes. Nothing can beat the fashion statement that you can make with a beautiful pair of brown suede shoes. They are comfy, easy to wear and the suede stuff is so amazing that you will love your feet in them.

Available in almost all shades of brown; suede shoes are perfect for any occasion be it a formal wedding or a business meeting.

  1. Sun Glasses:


Think again if you are under the impression that sun glasses are considered to be a fashion accessory limited to casual wear only.

Give yourself that extra stylish outlook by wearing sophisticated sun shades or designer spectacles and see how grand a fashion statement you will make when you will go to any business meeting.

Author Bio:

Claire Ashley is a Fashion Designer and Blogger at https://www.menssuithabit.com/ who loves to share her professional views on latest Men’s styling trends. She is a creative dynamite who believes that the world should honor two things limitlessly: Ideas and beauty! 🙂