5 Best Home Decor Tips For the Ultimate Maximalist

These days, home décor is all about creating the perfect balance between maximalism and minimalism. Both of these aspects are important in creating the perfect home décor and you cannot just bypass either of them.

However, you need to be very vigilant about what kind of décor you want in each of your room and the allocation of necessary items that you require in your home. That’s where many of us get confused and end up stuffing our homes with things that we do not require in the first place.

Compared to the minimalist home décor designs; maximalists are more loud in appearance and more bold in their overall outlook. Just make sure that your choice for the décor that you want to incorporate in your home should not make it look congested. Here are top 5 best ideas to follow if you are a fan of maximalist home décor.

  1. Color Schemes:

When it comes to home décor; choosing the right color palates or patterns holds utmost importance.

Since this is going to be the first step that you are going to do when you will begin with home décor; you need to take a good look at the overall ambiance of your home and choose the color schemes as per the mood and the latest trends.  Don’t forget to add some nice bedding in your bed rooms.

There is so much in the market like best duvet covers and different shapes of pillows you can add.

  1. Filling The Spaces:

The home of a maximalist is always full of stuff and you will find no empty spaces in it. It is a good thing in a way that one can always keep on modifying the decorative items in his or her home and the whole décor of the home keeps on changing after replacement of the old stuff with the new and trendy ones.

So, go ahead and fill up your home with more furniture items and related décor to give it a more classy and elegant look.

  1. Experiment With Colors:

Home décor experts strongly recommend experimenting with colors and textures to enhance the beauty of your home. For living rooms and guest bedrooms and even kitchen; it is recommended to go for bolder colors and dark shades.

For master bedrooms and guest bedrooms; you should be more focused towards lighter shades or softer tones. However, you can always combine the light and dark shades to create the perfect balance as well.

  1. Enhanced Lighting:

If you are a fan of maximalist home décor; ‘bright it up’ should be your ultimate motto. Go ahead and purchase new corner lamps for your living room or bedside reading lamps with funky bulb colors and lamp covers.

Moreover, you can also add a chandelier right in the middle of your living room if your budget allows and it will completely transform the entire outlook of your room.

  1. Modern Furniture:

Let’s do it the convenient way and what better way to give your home a maximalist décor than adding a couple of pieces of trendy furniture?

You can increase the beauty of your home so effortlessly with a pair of trendy leather sofas or velvet drapes of curtains that you will be amazed yourself. Just plan it out properly and give your home the ultimate trendy look that it deserves.

Author Bio:

This post is written by Julie Austin. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She regularly blogs at http://mybedcomforter.com/