The evolution of slot machines

We all know how technologically developed modern slot machines in traditional gambling houses, as well as reputable online casinos e.g. Lord of the ocean slot com, are nowadays. But what about their evolution? Where, when, how and by who was the first one-arm-bandit developed? What were slot machines like a decade ago and what shall passionate slots fans expect in the nearest future?

“The Liberty Bell”

The history of slots industry is very rich and dates back to 1895 when the first machine was created. The whole history of slots is divided into 3 categories:

  • Mechanical;
  • Electromechanical;
  • Computer;

As it was mentioned above, the first one-arm-bandit appeared in the US, San Francisco in 1895 during the mechanical era. It was developed by Charles Fey who later called his invention a “Liberty Bell”. Its main feature was a cracked bell that is still represented in some modern machines as a reminder or a symbol of the first developed slot ever.

Of course, compared to current slots with multiple features, functions and options, “The Liberty Bell” seems to be very primitive with 3 barrels and 10 symbols on each wheel. When a person was playing it and got 3 identical symbols, he/she could win up to $0.50.

It is still not 100% known why the first slot in the history was called like that but people believe that this name is some sort of a tribute to the USA. Other people tend to think that the name was created from the philosophical point of view. When a person received 3 identical symbols on the screen, he/she heard a sound of bells which was a symbol of a win – symbol of getting money which gives certain freedom and independence.

“The Bell of the Operator”

As the time went by, professionals were considering how to improve the first one-arm-bandit and make it more exciting and thrilling by adding new features. And in the year 1907, an industrialist from Chicago produced “The Bell of the Operator” based on “The Bell of Liberty”. The new machine had such well-known, beloved and adored by passionate slots fans symbols as fruits: lemon, cherry, plum, etc. In some countries, these slot machines are still called “Fruit Bandits”.

In the electro-mechanical era, gaming machines were developing very rapidly and already had major distinctions. For example, they were put into motion thanks to electric motors instead of mechanical springs. In 1970ies a real gambling revolution began with the development of computer technologies. Players could already try video poker, some computer games, etc.

Present day

The selection of modern slots is capable of surprising every single gambler. They are based on a variety of themes (movies, cartoons, sitcoms, TV shows, etc), include celebrities’ characters, have the most innovative technologies, the best graphics and many other criteria that simply can’t leave people untouched, luring them into the world of slots. Moreover, it is even possible to play not only solo but in groups as well as hit huge jackpots that reach up to several million dollars.