Everything You Need to Know About Dance Shoes

Everything You Need to Know About Dance Shoes

Dancing shoes have to be unique and different because they are made for dancing. They should support your feet, be comfortable and help you glide effortlessly across the dance floor like Burju mens dance shoes. The sole should be flexible, thin, and suede for ball room dancing. There are three kinds of ball room dance shoes: practice shoes, standard shoes, and Latin shoes. They should all be flexible and protect your feet for peak performance. A good pair of insoles will help your dancing feet go a long, long way. Avoid the gel ones, as they are too squishy, and you won’t be able to get good contact with the dance floor. The best insoles are the ones they sell for running shoes.

Why Do I Need Dance Shoes?

Dance shoes are designed for dancing just as a sports car is designed for driving. Your dancing feet need a shoe with flexibility, support, and a heel with the proper height and fit. For men’s dance shoes there is a heel and you must learn to shift most of your weight to the ball of your foot. Latin and Rhythm style dancing requires this shift. Smooth and Standard ballroom dance shoes require your weight on the heels for the strides you take. For men, the heel is smaller for these dance shoes. The flexible suede soles are designed for you to ground yourself with the dance floor and bring power to your dancing.

Proper Size and Fit

Dance shoes when worn properly should fit like a glove stretching and forming to your feet the more you wear them. For this reason, buy dance shoes one size smaller than you do normally. Dance shoes should fit tight and snug, like a hug on your feet! They should never be painful. Dancing shoes are often sold in European sizes which vary by 1.5 sizes smaller so be extra careful checking for size and fit.

How To Care For Your Dance Shoes

Suede soles on dance shoes can lose their fluff and get slick. Invest in a steel bristle shoe brush and handle to refresh the suede fluff on the bottom of your shoes. Never wear them outside, keep them in a bag to and from the dance studio. Heel protectors are a must to buy. Heel protectors serve three purposes: they protect the heels of your shoes, they provide more traction on the dance floor, and they protect the dance floor. For around five dollars you can buy heel tips and replace them as soon as they wear down. Heel protectors will extend the life of your dance shoes.

What Color Dance Shoe?

Men’s dance shoes should be patent leather (shiny black) for dance shows. They are wonderful shiny dance shoes. Still, they scuff easily so you’ll want to save these for the dance competition. Plain black leather dance shoes are great for all other dancing. They stretch and mold to your feet, are very comfortable and will last. This should be your standard shoe.