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Just Who Is Chris Oyakhilome

Did you know that some of the most intriguing and interesting people on the planet aren’t household names? Even though these special individuals doesn’t posses any celebrity appeal, they’ve made a name for themselves while flying under the radar. Chris Oyakhilome is one of those special individuals, and he uses the power of prayer to change lives for the better. Better known as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, this individual is the head leader of the affluent Christ Embassy Mission in Nigeria, Africa. This isn’t your average everyday mission in a sense. This institution provides many different forms of spiritual healing, and it has helped millions of people find their purpose in life.


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is known by many different titles. Being such a well rounded individual, he’s said to be a teacher, a spiritual healer, a television host, and an author. His book, “Rhapsody of Realities,” has …


5 Tips to Apply a Wig and Make it Look Natural

Are you worried about intense hair fall and girls not being attracted to you because you don’t have an impressive hairstyle? You don’t have to be worried anymore as there is a simple solution to it – Wigs for men! It wouldn’t only boost up your self-confidence but also make you look stunning like never before. All you need to know is the guidance regarding applying it and how to make it look natural. So after reading this brief guide, all you have to do is get up from the seat, grab a wig for yourself and live like you always dreamt of!

So let’s begin with the tips to apply the wig first of all;

1: Prepare your Wig, head hair and your skin

First of all, you need to clasp all the hair from the edges of the wig so that they don’t get in the way while …


5 Best Home Decor Tips For the Ultimate Maximalist

These days, home décor is all about creating the perfect balance between maximalism and minimalism. Both of these aspects are important in creating the perfect home décor and you cannot just bypass either of them.

However, you need to be very vigilant about what kind of décor you want in each of your room and the allocation of necessary items that you require in your home. That’s where many of us get confused and end up stuffing our homes with things that we do not require in the first place.

Compared to the minimalist home décor designs; maximalists are more loud in appearance and more bold in their overall outlook. Just make sure that your choice for the décor that you want to incorporate in your home should not make it look congested. Here are top 5 best ideas to follow if you are a fan of maximalist home décor.…


Steps To Control Spending And Getting Debt Free

If you want to get debt free and lead your life in peace, you should control your spending at all cost. If you feel the urge to spend even if you have limited cash in your hand it is a point to be worried as it is the sign of an addiction. Like all addictions, shopping addiction can also be cured and just like all addicts, you should be diligent and determined to get cured, to start with. in most cases debt is the result of compulsive spending and mismanagement of such credit and debt leads to debt accumulation and deteriorating financial health.

Ask Questions To Yourself

The most significant sign for addiction is that you do not know the limit and time to stop. You feel the high in such spending and have a sense of satisfaction to show your self-image to others, on borrowed money. You should know …


Shopping Addiction Can Lead You To The Debt Trap

When you buy impulsively it is time to be concerned as such shopping addiction may lead you to the black hole of debt. It is a feeling when you feel ‘high’ when you spend, on necessary and mostly on unnecessary objects. The most probable cause of such addition is that you are not able to distinguish properly between your desire and need. This results in buying things which you could have easily done without and keep your expense level to the minimum. In such addicted and impulsive buying you tend to use any possible option to get the required cash and do not even hesitate to use your credit card extensively.

Know The Beginning

It all starts with the urge to buy and spend even when you do not have the required money in hand. You start to borrow from people to quench your desire and due to the ever …