Healthy Snacks For Career Women

Being a career woman does not mean snack hobby should be eliminated. Instead you can still snack as long as you consume healthy and beneficial to health. In order for your body’s nutritional intake to stay awake to live your activities. Healthy snacks do not always have to be expensive. Many economical snacks that still have a good nutritional content. So with cheap snacks your health is maintained and saves your money. Here is a cheap snack that is practical and easy, as a snack in the middle of your busy activities:

Bread Jam Banana

This cheap snack is a super quick way to fill your body with fiber and protein. Now you will be able to stay awake during the task. Because it tastes good, this cheap snack is also suitable as a healthy child snack.

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Healthy Grains

Forget various unhealthy snacks such as fat-rich ice cream. Almonds and chocolate-covered coffee beans are a healthy snack alternative that’s right for you. In addition to the delicious taste, this cheap snack can also make full.

Smoke Salmon with Cheese Cream

Try making smoked salmon and cream cheese with cracker like hamburger. This one cheap snack will make your overtime run fast.

Apples Favors at All Times

It’s the perfect cheap snack for a variety of conditions. Including to work because it contains enough protein that makes you focus and fiber that can prolong your lap night.

Chocolate and Banana Smoothie

A long day will pass perfectly if your morning begins with a smoothie on this one.

Popcorn Peppermint

Research shows that peppermint can improve memory. It turns out a really delicious mint flavor combined with popcorn as a snack.

Roasted banana in the form of chips is the perfect reward for you when you successfully complete a task well. Can also add sauces to make it more delicious.

Honey Bean Ball

This is a cheap snack with the highest protein content that takes just a few minutes to make it. In addition, these snacks once made can hold for a week. So it can be stored for your snack supplies for a week.

That’s cheap and healthy snacks that are suitable for career women. If you find it hard to get cheap snacks on top, do not replace them with other unhealthy snacks. All cheap and healthy snacks you can buy easily online store.