Month: October 2017

Choosing the Perfect Little Black Dress

A little black dress is a wardrobe essential. Every woman needs at least one. Many women want several in order to look good. Each little black dress is not the same. When it comes to picking out one, look for looks that flatter your figure and draw out your best features. It’s also a good idea to look for dresses that are right for both a more formal occasion such as a wedding and something a bit more casual such as a rock concert. A good little black dress should also be easy to take off and on and easy to accessorize. Many women look for one dress for warmer weather events and another dress that can take them into events that take place during the colder months.

The Material

Women can find little black dresses in all kinds of fabric. For summer, consider fabrics such as linen and cotton that breathe and allow for moisture to wick away. A dress in a fabric like crepe de chine is lightweight and easy to wear even on the warmest of evenings. During the winter, many women look for fabrics with a bit more formality to them. A dress in a long silk or satin is perfect for an event that requires something with more heft. Many women like fabric that drapes well. A longer look is ideal for a winter party when the aim is a dress that covers the legs. This can be paired with high heels for a complete … Read more

Traveling with a New Baby


New babies are wonderful creatures. They smell great. A newborn baby is full of possibility. However, a newborn can also require a lot of special care. Taking a baby on even a simple outing to the park or to the store may require lots of special care and even more advanced planning. All parents should have a means of transporting the baby safely and easily from one place to the next. The ideal system makes it easy for the parent to bring the baby along with the baby’s other needs such as diapers, a change of clothing and food storage. Many parents also need transport systems that will fit up neatly into a car or on the subway. It’s a good idea to see what’s available on the market even before the baby is born.

The Basics

Any travel system for the baby should include a place for the baby to sit safely and comfortably. Parents who have more than one child may want to find a system that has seating for more than one child. The stroller should also be of the right height. A parent should be able to push it without having to lean over too much or the need to stretch up when walking. Parents should be able to clean it quickly in the event of a spill. The stroller should also have wheels that are sturdy enough to go from paved urban roads to the park in a single day. Look for strollers that move … Read more

How to Allow More Natural Light into the Home

One of the most important parts of creating an uplifting setting in your home is to allow plenty of natural light into the building. Well-lit homes are cheery and will make it easy to spend more time in the space. If you want to allow more natural light in the property, there are a few steps to take as a homeowner.

Install Skylights

An effective way to allow more light to flood into your living room or kitchen is with a skylight. Skylights are cut into the ceiling and feature a glass panel that can reduce your energy usage and is useful during the day. With more light in the home, you won’t need to rely on overhead lights to illuminate the room.

Sky tubes are also useful and are cheaper to install if you have a dark corner of the room that needs a bit of light. According to, adding a glass box extension to the home will also make the home illuminated with a feature that doesn’t require too much maintenance or cleaning.

Use Light Colors on the Walls

According to, using light colors on the walls will allow more light to be reflected. Using different color shades of white will make the house feel brighter. Opt for a glossy color shade and choose glossy appliances to install to accompany the walls. Avoid using dark color shades or wallpaper that looks heavy. Removing dark furniture will also work well when you want to create … Read more

Bots and AI in the Fashion World


Around the world, more businesses are using chatbots than ever – and there’s more to come. Digital media and digital advertising are changing the way we see the world, so perhaps it’s only natural that this change impacts the industry which helps define how we see the world. Fashions are changing, as they always do, and bots are in vogue right now.


Why Should the Fashion Industry Use Bots?

If not for bots, the Internet as we know it would not be here. Without bots, we could not turn to Google to help us search the entire Internet for what we want, and we would never know what is trending on Twitter. Fashion and beauty professionals at nearly every level of the industry already make use of third-party bots even if they’ve never given it much thought, for example in order to secure prime advertising space with target groups surfing the web. Not only that, but fashion industry clients definitely use bots. Clients now expect 24/7 customer service around the globe, and bots never sleep.


Do Bots Have a Downside?

As every programmer knows, bots aren’t people. There is only so much they can do. Barring actual artificial intelligence (AI), the best bots can do is make well-educated guesses. That said, with the right programming, they can make some really well-educated guesses. In addition, bots can be hacked and made to say things and do things, even malicious things never intended by the owner. For the fashion industry, … Read more

There are Many Ways to Get Your Message Out


Communication is important in today’s world. Today, people seek to convey messages of all kinds. Many companies want to promote a product or service. Many individuals want to look for ways to help convey important messages. Fortunately, there are many ways to get a message out. People and companies can use websites, attend trade shows and start a media campaign. There are also many varied tools to help convey the essence of a message to others. Many people and companies know the importance of a single slogan that helps them speak out. A series of basic messages are a good way to help distill an idea and reduce it something that is both powerful and memorable at the same time.

A Personalized Website

One way to help convey a specific message to the world is via a personalized website. This is a great way to help customers find your thought and learn about the products and services that you can offer him. A personalized site is also an easy to express who you and let everyone know your worldview, your skills and your personal background. Each site can be customized to your specific preferences, allowing you to update it as often as necessary. Many people and companies choose to run a blog on their site in order to speak directly to friends, clients and potential customers about issues such as their personal worldview, their new educational credentials, their products and any new services they may be offering clients.

Attending ConventionsRead more