Tips For Designing A Bespoke Exhibition Stand

When a business invests time, money, and effort in attending a trade show or exhibition, they want to make sure it’s worth their while. That means making sure that their display gets plenty of attention and their business is easy for attendees to remember later on. One of the best ways to achieve these goals is to get a Bespoke Exhibition Stand. With the right design, an exhibit will stand out from the rest. Clients who order a bespoke stand will need to work with the company to create the design. The following are some things to consider.

First of all, a stand design should align with the company’s brand image. What is the message about the brand that you want to communicate to others? Is your brand a go-getter, traditional, socially responsible, etc.? Clearly identifying the message will help to strike the right tone.

It is also important to consider the audience. Which of the exhibit attendees are most likely to become customers or to help build the reputation of your business? How will those customers want to interact with your exhibit? Younger audiences may have a greater appreciation for games and pop culture allusions, for example.

Another consideration is space. Consider capitalizing on vertical space by building an exhibition stand that is as tall as possible. For extra height, you can add a rotating sign at the top of the display that attendees will be able to see from almost any spot on the floor.

In addition to the brand logo, select graphic images carefully and minimize text. Attendees walking by won’t take the time to read a lengthy description, but an eye-catching image can convey a lot of information instantly. Consider using powerful, life-size images to draw people in.

Although the exhibition will take place in a lighted area, consider providing your own lighting for the exhibit. Lighting is a useful and subtle way to create atmosphere, add depth to colors, and make texts easier to read.

Many exhibitors rely on rented or plain modular stands. A bespoke stand with an eye-catching design will really make an exhibit stand out above the crowd.