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Planning Tips for Your Vintage Wedding

Vintage weddings come with such a huge variety of possibilities that you’ll find a lot of vendors at your beck and call. Where must you begin? Definitely, in the past!

Here are tips to help you ace planning for your vintage wedding:

1. Choose your era.
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Is there a certain decade you’ve always been crazy about? Check out books, artwork and movies from that era to get those creative juices flowing. If you are strongly attached to your heritage and the older generations of your family, what can beat introducing your own twist to your grandparents’ nuptials?
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2. Design your paper products appropriately.

Those tiny, save-the-date info cards tell your guests that you’re having you’re a vintage theme, which must be consistent through all your paper products, such as your programs, invitations, and the like. Look up classic styles of lettering or create cards and invites looking like steamship tickets or telegrams. If your guests must wear vintage attire too, give details early on, including tips on costume-rental shops in your area.

3. Choose your ceremony and reception venues.

In those past, weddings were generally held in the home, with awesome garden receptions outside, so this may be suitable for your selected era. A house in the country could have a barn that you can design for the reception. If your venue is more typical, like a hotel, simply add design touches that will transport you back in time.

4. Make use of colors so as to further define the era you’ve picked.

Turquoise is heavily reminiscent of the 1950s, while laces and soft pinks are more associated with the turn-of-the-century era. Pick hues and materials which in harmony with your venue. For lighting, count on antique candles and holders lining the ceremony aisle, or you can also hang antique chandeliers. If you selected Renaissance, decorate your tables with small dioramas placed in old apothecary jars, with purple velvet runners to boot.

5. Choose a wedding dress and accessories that perfectly capture the era of your choice.

It’s rather hard to look for a vintage gown at a bridal chain store, which is likely more interested in the most recent trends. Good thing you have the web right at your fingertips, and there’s no doubt you’ll find an almost endless variety of choices out there. Of course, you’d also like to get the most fitting accessories to go with your dress. As you know, different eras were defined by different fashion accessories, so make it a point to do your homework. For example, Art Deco jewelry was hot in the 1930s through the 1940s, while long strings of pearls dominated the 1920s. Of course, thou shall not forget the pillbox hat. Finally, have your bouquet designed in a cascade instead of being round (which is the current trend).