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Metal Roofs or Shingle Roofs- Which is The Best?

Installing a new roof on your house or have an existing roof, you have to consider of choosing between metal roof or shingle roofs. Reading this article will help you know what are the pros and cons of metal roofs and shingle roofs when installed in your house.

For new houses today, shingle roofs is being the most popular due to the fact that it is the best available option and economic purposes. Fiberglass mat core is the material used in shingle roofs which gives it flexibility and fire resistance material. Weather resistant asphalt coating that is embedded within the crushed rock makes the shingles more durable and could last for 15 to 30 years before you need to replace it. Plain or flat shingles are often cheaper as they are considered to be low end. For some, they choose to have the more expensive type of shingle as it incorporates a three dimensional look for more appeal. The “shadow” is called by one manufacturer as this composition has a muscular look, which is similar to a cedar shake shingles in the olden days.

Shingle roofs is also susceptible to any algae growth. This stain looking light streak that is often seen in roofs today are algae. The reason why shingles doesn’t have algae growing because it has an algae coating and the more you choose a much expensive shingles, the more it is worth your money.
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It is expected that you pay 30 percent more for a metal roof than that of a shingle roof.
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Now that we have already discussed shingle roofs, we will now be talking about metal roofs.

When you are living in an areas where there is high winds, then metal roofs is the perfect choice for you since metal roofs can withstand high winds than that of a regular shingles. Metal roofing weight one seventh less than that of a shingle and the good thing about it is that it also put less stress on the building itself. This metal roofs are also fire proof and has lower insurance premiums than that of a shingle roof. If you have a home made of bricks and you install metal roof, then the chances of you surviving a fire is very high. Metal roof may not be your best choice since it is a bit expensive, but in the long run it is much cheaper since metal roofs can last for a very long time. Any roofing manufacturer guarantees you that metal roofing could last up to 50 years. These metal roofs is something that you should consider looking at the years before you need to change it. You may also find metal roofs that looks like a conventional shingle or cedar shake shingles these will be perfect for any type of steel buildings.