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Ugh my dad needs assist but I’m at a loss. My husband and I moved into his house just after mother died. I used to be pregnant and Dad had lost 45 lbs in a month and a half and the place wasn’t getting cleaned so he got mice and fruit flies. it’s kind of over a yr later and issues are somewhat higher Dad is in love with my child but he still is not cleansing or sleeping. I am afraid after we transfer next week he might go downhill.

That is a great level that men are now usually portrayed as ‘comedic morons’, significantly on TELEVISION ads, whereas the lady raises her eyebrows condescendingly at his stupidity. It is insulting. I don’t agree although, that girls, in particular, believe, feelings are more necessary than info ? though we just dismiss proof and work on some sort of sensitive/ feely thing? What..? No!

What I preferred most about the road motion pictures was the little bits of weirdness like coming across Humphrey Bogart and the African Queen or Paramount Photos famous mountain logo. Then there’s the relationship between Hope and Crosby. They have been forever turning up in each other’s movies as cameo bother makers. In real like in fact they have been the most effective of associates and loved playing golf collectively. If a cinema goer was watching a Bob Hope image that did not co-star Bing Crosby they’d be wondering when Crosby would instantly pop up and the reverse was additionally true.