How to Plan a Nautical Themed Party


The sea fascinates many people, boys and men in particular. Whether it is its apparent infinity or the mystery that surrounds its unexplored deepness, there is something very entrancing about the sea, or the ocean for that matter. As such, a nautical themed party is a great idea for any adventurous person. Whether you are planning a party for your father who loves sailing, or for your little boy who dreams of being a captain, you can’t go wrong with a nautical themed party. Here are a few ideas that will surely inspire you:

Nautical symbols

In order to throw a proper nautical party, you first need to narrow down the symbols associated with this theme. Anchors, nautical rope, lighthouses, seagulls, fish, nets, starfish, octopuses, whales and sailor knots are just a few of the many elements that you can use when planning a nautical themed party.


A nautical party should feature two main colors, blue and white, with a few touches of red. The red will make the whole decor a lot more vibrant, but we advise you to use it with moderation. A life ring, a buoy, and a few lobsters (real or animated) are great ways to integrate red in a navy theme.


The menu depends on the age of the party attendants. If you are throwing a grownup party, you can’t go wrong with any type of sea food. On the other hand, if you are throwing a kids’ party, you will have to improvise as kids are not very fond of sea food. A fun snack idea would be a bowl with chips and fish biscuits. Put a “fish and chips” label on the bowl to make the joke more obvious. Sea shell pasta, is another great idea, and when it comes to kids, you can’t go wrong with hot dogs. To make the hot dogs look more nautical, you could turn them into octopuses by splitting their lower half in 8, or you could serve normal hot dogs in buns and use some skewer sticks and paper to make some sails for the hot dog boats.

Party favors

For a grownup party, we advise you to choose some practical nautical elements. For example, you could order some MyCustomFloatingKeychains. These type of keychains can be very useful as they can prevent boat owners from losing their keys in the water. Custom floating keychains are affordable and you can customize them with funny or meaningful messages. You can also find bottle openers in the shape of anchors or ship wheels. As for a kids’ party, you can’t go wrong with candy, with a navy wrapping.