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A New Trend in Birthday Parties

It is fun to have a birthday party. It used to be that birthday parties consisted of cakes, ice cream, balloons, gifts, and parlor games for the children. But, this is no longer the kind of birthday party that kids want and there is a new trend which kids and adults alike are getting hooked on. This is the type of birthday party where you should eat first because once on it, you will find it difficult to get off. This is the video game birthday.

Hiring a video game trucks is what a video game birthday is all about. It is a huge truck or a mobile trailer with great seats, sometimes cushiony and vibrating which seats a number of participants, speakers, huge screens, disco lights, and all the video games that every kid could want. Today kids are raised on everything digital and that is why this is the birthday party trend for today’s children.

The video game trucks is becoming a very popular business and is already being franchised to reach a larger area for people who want their children to have a video game birthday. These video game trucks are stocked with numerous games and they can be set up not only for birthday parties but also for community fairs, sporting events, and camps. In a video game truck you can choose from hundreds of games and there are some sophisticated features like 4D experiences where you are able to smell the game like freshly cut grass on a football field.
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Video games is loved by millions of people as the business reflects. It is already a billion dollar market surpassing the music and movie businesses. What has spread this video game truck business are the franchises that are increasing rapidly, and if you are a franchise you purchase a trailer from the company and you are given your own area, and access to the company website and booking systems.
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Parties for young kids from 8 to 12 year olds will cost depending on the party’s length and the day of the week. You can have your video game birthdays for teens and adults too.

One great thing about playing in a video game trailer is that the players need to socialize with the others unlike when they play video games at home when they are alone with their headset. In a video game birthday, the parents decide what video games the children can play. Flickering lights and theater-like interiors are what greets you inside a video game trailer.

The reasons for the great fun is that the children can create digital versions of themselves to play the game and there is an unending soundtrack of boops, pops, and whizzes. Shrieks of pleasure can be heard from children playing video games together with competition going on the controllers.

One thing parents like about this is that all kids get out of the house to the truck.