Are you worried about intense hair fall and girls not being attracted to you because you don’t have an impressive hairstyle? You don’t have to be worried anymore as there is a simple solution to it – Wigs for men! It wouldn’t only boost up your self-confidence but also make you look stunning like never before. All you need to know is the guidance regarding applying it and how to make it look natural. So after reading this brief guide, all you have to do is get up from the seat, grab a wig for yourself and live like you always dreamt of!

So let’s begin with the tips to apply the wig first of all;

1: Prepare your Wig, head hair and your skin

First of all, you need to clasp all the hair from the edges of the wig so that they don’t get in the way while connecting the wig to the head. This is particularly vital while appending the wig with a sticky paste. For lace wigs, the lace ought to be trimmed as near the hairline as could reasonably be expected, being mindful so as not to harm the hairline.

2: Prepare your head hair and skin

Now you need to prepare your natural hair and skin, and for this, the instructions are as follows; the common hair should be twisted or set level and equitably against the scalp. Care ought to be taken to pull back all regular hair strands from the hairline. Lastly, apply alcohol solution on a cotton swab and delicately wipe any oil from the hairline. This guarantees a protected connection of the wig to the skin.

3: Make arrangements to stick the wig

After the preparations mentioned above, you need to make arrangements to stick the wig to your skin.  This can be done with the use of an adhesive glue or tape. In the case of utilizing sticky glue, apply a thin layer to the whole hairline utilizing a little cosmetics brush or corrective stick. Hard bond glue could also be used as the wig can be connected instantly using this because of this kind of paste bonds quickly.

Here come the last two steps which determine if your wig would look natural and settle perfectly or not, so you need to pay special attention to this!

4: Attach the Wig

Those connecting a wig with paste ought to begin by appending the wig at the hairline in the front center of the forehead. Delicately press the edge of the wig down against the stuck skin, working around the hairline until it is connected around the whole hairline.  For those joining a wig with sticky tape, put the wig on the head and start arranging the hairline edges. Begin at the focal point of the brow and work out around the head.

5: Style it according to your desires

Once you have your wig in place, tenderly brush and style the wig to accomplish the coveted look, just once the glue has dried. A few wigs can take a few minutes before a solid cement bond amongst wig and skin is accomplished so watch out for that!

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